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The Butterfly Project


The Butterfly Project invites us to place our moral transformation in a project mode. It is a self-undertaking which proposes the study, the reflection, and the practical application of the subject matter.


"The evolutionary experience is personal, individual
and non-transferable."  Honorio de Abreu


Why the name 'The Butterfly Project'? Butterflies have different meanings in different cultures. In Early Christianity [the period preceding the First Council of Nicaea, in 325 AC], the butterfly was a symbol of the soul. Commonly, the butterfly symbolizes change and transformation; this ensues when an ordinary caterpillar metamorphoses into a beautiful butterfly.














When we strive to become moral individuals, something similar to the butterfly’s life cycle happens. We metamorphose the old Self into a new Self, changing deep-rooted and unhealthy habits into new, healthy ones. It is a gradual, continuous process that requires above all our will, discipline, and determination.


Let’s get inspired to work on our inner transformation to fulfill our duties in life.







Let’s place our Moral Transformation in a Project Mode!


Self-knowledge + Self-forgiveness + Self-love 
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