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Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes Cavalcanti

Dr. Bezerra de Menezes

1831 - 1900


"The Doctor of the Poor"


Dr. Bezerra de Menezes' view on the medical profession:


“A doctor is not entitled to finish a meal, nor to ask if it is far or near when an afflicted person knocks on the door. Those who do not help because they are entertaining guests or because they have worked long hours and are tired, or because it is too late at night, bad road or bad weather, because it’s far or is on the top of the hill, or above all, those who ask for a car for those who have not even resources to pay for the prescription, or that say to those who are crying at their door to seek for another doctor — those are not doctors, but rather medicine dealers, who work for the income and to pay off their college debts. Those are unfortunates who send to others the angel of charity that came to pay them a visit and that brought to them the only source that could satiate their thirst for Spiritual wealth, the one that will never get lost in the sways of life.”


The Happiness of Bezerra de Menezes

(Conversation with Divaldo Franco*)


One day I asked Dr. Bezerra what was his greatest happiness when he got to the spiritual world. He said:

- My greatest was when Celina, a messenger of Our Lady Mary, came close to the bed where I was laying and touched me and said softly:

- Bezerra, wake up!

- I woke up and asked: - Is that you, Celina?

- Yes, it’s me. Our Lady asked me to tell you that you are already on the Eternal Life, just crossed the immortality gate. So now you can wake up happily.

Then, Bezerra told me:

- My relatives arrived and spiritual coworkers came to see me. But I could hear some noise or conversation coming from outside the room. Then, Celina told me:

- Come and see it, Bezerra!

- She helped me to approach the balcony and I could see the crowd waving at me with tears and tenderness in the eyes.

I said:

- Who are those people? I don't recognize them.

- They are those that you brought consolation, without even knowing their names. They are those tormented and disturbed spirits that came to the mediumistic sessions and received your words as a relief to painful wounds. They are those forgotten in the world, to whom you gave motivation and orientation. They come to welcome you to the Eternal Life.

Then Dr. Bezerra said to me:

- "Happiness comes as a consequence of the good actions we make, the tears we wipe, the words we spread, in order to carpet the path that one day we will go through."


*Divaldo Pereira Franco is a prominent Brazilian Spiritist speaker and medium.

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