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The Spiritist Pass (Energy Healing)

Go and heal the sick!   Said Jesus to His disciples.
Your faith has healed you!   Said Jesus to the sick.

Jesus laid His hands over those who suffered and transmitted, transferred to them healing and comfort.


Not one of the Divine Master's actions lacked significance. Recognizing this fact, His Disciples began to "lay their hands" and also became instruments of the Divine Providence.

Spiritism embraced this practice and named it the 'Pass'. Meaning... To pass, to transmit, to transfuse physical, mental, and spiritual fluidic energies to those in need to promote wellbeing. Within Spiritism, the Pass is always given with the assistance of Spirit Mentors and Benefactors, as depicted in the picture above.

The Pass should NEVER exempt a person from seeking medical advice and professional treatment!

At the time of the Pass…

Be receptive:

  • Have Faith.

  • Be calm in yourself.

  • Remain silently in meditation or prayer.

Remember this:

  • One cannot receive the Pass for someone else. The Pass is the transference of healing energies from the Passgiver- Spirit Benefactor to the one receiving it.

  • The Pass does not exempt you from treatment with healthcare professionals.

  • The Pass does not work miracles; ‘To each will be given according to their actions.’

  • The Pass does not excuse you from working toward your moral improvement.

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