Our Activities

All Spiritist Practice is free of charge, following the moral principle found in the Gospel: "
Give for free what you received for free."
Monday Meetings - Online


By Enrollment Only

Germantown Spiritist Society's Online Studies

Every Monday, except Holidays

From 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM


   An in-depth study of the Andre Luiz Book Collection:

"The Life in the Spirit World". 

  E-mail us for more information.


Thursday Meetings - On-Site

                    Open to the Public

  We currently meet every other Thursday, except Holidays

  E-mail us for more information.

  From 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM

  LOCATION: Martin Luther King Middle School

                     Room A120 (First Floor)

                     13737 Wisteria Drive

                     Germantown, MD



Within Spiritism, mediumship is practiced observing the Spiritist principles and Jesus'

moral teachings.

Energy Healing

The Pass is a transfusion of energy. Pass-givers and Spirit Benefactors donate benefic fluidic energy promoting physical, emotional, mental

and spiritual wellbeing.

Fraternal Assistance

Fraternal Assistance is a private, one-on-one conversation offered to anyone seeking assistance, through spiritist teachings and practices.

Germantown Spiritist Society
Germantown, MD

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