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Mediumship within Spiritism

Responsible Mediumistic Practice: a Path to Evolution!
"The phenomenon convinces, but does not convert.” - Emmanuel

Kardec wrote the first comprehensive treatise on Mediumship


Communicability with Spirits is not




Allan Kardec wrote "The Mediums Book", the first treatise on Mediumship


Animic and Mediumistic Faculties


Difference between a Medium and a Psychic


Mediumship within Spiritism is developed and practiced within a group.


This is a private meeting. Only who is participating in the Study of Mediumship Program and have received an invitation from BMSS Mediumistic Director is allowed to participate.

Mediumship is an organic and natural faculty that needs to be understood and educated to be useful and be in the service of God. “Mediumship per se does not depend on intelligence or moral qualities.” The Mediums Book - Chapter XIX

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