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Art, Spiritism, and Spirituality

“Beauty is one of the Divine attributes. God has placed within the beings and things such mysterious enchantment which attracts, seduces, and captivates us, filling the soul with admiration, sometimes enthusiasm. Art is the search, the study, the manifestation of this eternal beauty, of which, here on Earth, we perceive nothing but a reflection.


To contemplate beauty in its entire splendor, in all its power, it is needed to ascend step by step towards the source from which it emanates, and this is a difficult task for most of us. At least, we can know beauty through the spectacle the universe offers to our senses, as well as through the works that it inspires in men and women of talent.


Spiritism opens up new perspectives for Art; horizons without limits. The communication it establishes between the visible and invisible worlds, the information it provides on the conditions of the afterlife, the revelation it brings to us about the superior laws of harmony and beauty that rule the universe, offer our thinkers, our artists, inexhaustible themes of inspiration.”  - Léon Denis - "Le Spiritisme Dans l'art", Paris (1922)

Praying Hands by Albrecht Dürer

Praying Hands by Albrecht Dürer is a famous ink and pencil drawing dated c.1508. Praying Hands is part of a series of sketches that Dürer drew for an altarpiece. The drawing shows the hands of a man praying with his body out of view on the right. The sleeves of the man are folded and noticeable in the painting. The paper was made by the artist himself and portrays blue and green tones. Praying Hands is a sketch. There are many rumors and stories about Dürer using his brother’s hands as a reference and the man’s hands suffering some affliction.

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"Fraternal Message" by Auta de Souza

Auta de Souza was a Brazilian poet. She wrote Romantic poems, with some Symbolistic influence. Souza published only one book in her lifetime: "Horto". She was deemed to be the greatest mystical poet in Brazil.


The poem Fraternal Message was published in the book “Parnassus from Beyond the Grave". There we find more than 200 poems dictated by the Spirits of 56 Brazilian and Portuguese Poets. This book was psychographed by the spiritist medium Francisco C. Xavier.

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